The Italo Cescon winery is located in the eastern part of Veneto, along the banks of the Piave river, in the land between the Dolomites and Venice, where the fertile soil is ideal for the production of wine.


Since 1957 the winery has been passionately pursuing the craftsmanship of making good wine. A tradition that has been handed down for three generations, created by Italo Cescon’s grandfather Domenicoto, and carried on with passion and dedication by his children, Domenico, Gloria and Graziella, together with their mother Chiara.


Over the years they have continued to grow and today their land extends for 115 hectares, from the banks of the Piave river to the hills of Valdobbiadene, reaching Friuli Venezia Giulia.


For the Cescon family, being wine artisans means paying attention to every element, from the selection and care of the vines to the type of bottle and choice of label. They carry on the simple and natural tradition of tying a small shoot around the bottle of each neck.


Italo Cescon is distinguished by three brands. “Il Tralcetto”, a historical line, represents the family’s vocation to wine and the nature of the wine itself. It is characterized by young and fresh wines, pleasantly balanced with a refreshing acidity. “I Cru”, is a line of full-bodied, well-structured, aromatic, complex and important wines. “I Collinari”, sparkling wines, is a selection of glera grapes grown on the gentle and sunny slopes of the Valdobbiadene hills.

100% Glera


Brilliant straw yellow, with creamy lather, small and persistent bubbles. Nose is elegant, floral, fruity and fragrant, with fresh golden apple, pear and bread crust aromas. Taste is fragrant, soft and clean, with elegant bubbles which intensify the savory aromas, with a good body. 

Current Vintage: 2020                                                     CSPC: 870373  

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100% pinot grigio


Intense and elegant, fruity with peach and citrus aromas, spicy with a nutmeg scent.The taste is dry and crisp, enhancing the elegant fruity flavours, leaving the palate perfectly balanced. 

Current Vintage: 2021                                               CSPC: 870725

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100% chardonnay


Delicate, elegant bouguet, with fruity aromas of apple and banana. A savory and crisp acidity perfectly marries the fruit flavours, showcasing the wines complexity, enhanced by an almond aftertaste.

Current Vintage: 2021                                                     CSPC: 870726  

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100% pinot nero


A charming ruby red colour. The nose is fine and elegant with aromas of small red berries, rose, citrus, spice and a bit herbaceous. The palate perfectly mirrors the bouquet with fresh, savoury sensations and a full body.

Current Vintage: 2021                                               CSPC: 870728

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40%Corvina 30%rondinella 30%corvinone


Deep ruby red colour with hints of purple. The nose is fruity and fresh with aromas of black cherry. The palate is full, lively and harmonious with young tannins. 

Current Vintage: 2020                                                     CSPC: 870732  

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40%Corvina 30%rondinella 30%corvinone


An intense ruby red colour. The nose is pleasantly fruity and a bit spicy. The palate is brawny and soft with a long and lush finish.

Current Vintage: 2018                                                      AB CSPC: 870730

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40% Corvina 30% Corvinone
30% Rondinella


Deep medium ruby red. The bouguet is typical with red berry fruits and dried figs, balsamic and spicy. The taste is balanced, fine and velvelty, fresh and savoury, with round tannins and a very long end.

Current Vintage: 2016                                                      AB CSPC: 870734  

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