Greg Blyth founded Vice Imports in 2016 with over 18 years experience in the food and beverage industry. He has worked at all levels in restaurants from dish washing, serving, front of house management, general management, then on to wines sales and distribution.

Vice Imports primary focus is servicing boutique restaurants and retailers bringing varietally correct wines at great value to the market. Vice Imports approach to the wine and spirits industry is to remove the pretension and simply enjoy the beauty of the product.

Through Greg’s travels to many wine regions he has gained a strong knowledge of the viticulture and the winemaking process, ensuring he get’s his hands dirty as much as possible. ┬áBy meeting the families and walking the estates he has brought the knowledge and experience to share with anyone in the industry who wants to chat. These experiences have brought a greater appreciation for the hard work, dedication, blood, sweat and tears, vintage to vintage that make the hand crafted products we carry.

Currently Vice Imports is working with families from around the world including Spain, France, Italy, Ireland and the United States. And we are enjoying every minute of it!